White Collar Litigation


Mr. Griscti represents clients in the ever-expanding area of white collar law. The term “white collar”denotes, usually, financial litigation by federal or state government against businesses, public or private entities, and individuals.   These matters require experienced litigation counsel.  

Mr. Griscti's Firm works closely with clients to respond to regulatory or investigative inquiries, conduct necessary internal investigations, advise management regarding effective compliance programs, and communicate with government authorities. 

The Firm has experience in large electronic and paper documentation retrieval and production, which often involves protecting privileged information in response to subpoenas, “civil investigative demands,” or other formal requests for production of information.

The goal of such white collar litigation assistance is to favorably resolve regulatory inquiries or formal government investigations and, if necessary, efficiently and effectively defend civil or criminal enforcement in trial and/or appellate litigation.

White collar litigation, especially in federal forums, requires experience with enforcement by the United States of international laws.  The "Foreign Corrupt Practice Act," "Foreign Export Control Act, and similar laws of the United States, as well as similar laws of other countries, necessarily requires familiarity with litigation of such issues in domestic and foreign jurisdictions.  Mr. Griscti has significant experience in this global litigation practice area.

White collar law also involves assisting clients who are the victims of criminal acts. Examples include victims of embezzlement and other financial crimes. The goal of this advocacy and, if necessary litigation is to obtain remedies through the civil court system, as well as through financial penalty judgments in criminal cases.